Colyco Farm Produce

Sweet Potatoes

We LOVE our sweet potatoes. We grow 2 varieties. They are Beauregard and Georgia Jets. We are looking to grow a white variety in the next year as well. They are harvested in time for Thanksgiving

Flat Leaf Parsley

We love our parsley. It grows like a champion for us. Its a great herb to use in cooking and it adds a great zing for salad. We grow it for juicing.

Georgia Collards

These are one of our top sellers. We will have in the spring and fall. They are picked at peak for maximum flavor and tenderness.

Salad Mix

We started this in the fall and it was a big success. So we will make it a staple, maybe a little variety in it but we should carry most of the year. We love this mix because of the variety.

Brilliant Radishes

We are growing a mixture of radish this year. We will be growing our watermelon and a easter egg variety that will allow several colors in a batch.

Grass Fed Beef

Raised in a sustainable humane way. We work with our cattle daily. We care for them the same way we care for our produce. We don't give them anything chemical based. They are not fed any feed, we grow them off our pasture from birth to processing. 

Summer Veggies

We grow the best varities of squash, zucchinni, cucumbers, eggplant for the summer.  


We grow Belstar broccoli because we like the way it grows large, sweet, tender heads. We offer this in the spring and the fall.